This water is probably, but not warranted, to be:
Chlorine Free * Caffeine Free * Gluten Free * GMO Free * Lactose Free
Calorie Free * Vaccine Free * Sugar Free * Dairy Free * Soy Free
Hormone Free * Meat Free * Fish Free * HFCS Free * Yeast Free
MSG Free * Aspartame Free * Sucralose Free * Sodium Nitrite Free
Hydrogenated Oils Free * Chemical Pharmaceutical Free
BigPharma Free *BigFarm Free * Thought Free * BS added

No known link to gambling, alcohol or drug use, firearm ownership or
to anything remotely connected with adult content or thought.

Hassayampa Water, Ltd.

Raw Water
You Are What You Drink
One 1 Liter Bottle US$4.95.
Four Bottles US$24.95
plus shipping and handling.
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Warning : Do not drink if sealed. Some contaminates may have escaped. Contains unanalyzed untreated raw water bottled at whatever naturally and unnaturally contaminated water sources available. This bottle contains dirt, ancient through post-modern strains of organic micro and nano bacterium, fungi, and viral agents, which may include, but are not limited to, protozoan escherichia coli, amoebiasis, crypto-sporidiosis, cyclosporiasis, giardiasis, micro-sporidiosis, salmonella, poliovirus, plus other loathsome natural and unnatural organisms, poisons, herbs, herbicides, inorganic minerals and asbestos inherent in run-off water. Compatible with most Paleo diets.

May cause physical discomfort, serious illness and early death.
Warnings and Disclaimers
Do Not Consume Until After You Expire.
Each bottle is a genuine
Recycled Bottle
Retrieved from Local Trash.
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Every order is a special order.
Legend saith whomsoever drinketh Hassayampa Water shall telleth not the truth ever again.